Unikname for WordPress 8.5 is now available!

Good news everyone !

Today, we are happy to announce the release of the newest version of our WordPress (and WooCommerce) plugin.

What’s new in v8.5?

  • Role restrictions on password login
  • No login/password inputs on the login screen
  • Full French translation
  • Increased documentation accessibility
  • Official WordPress 5.7 compatibility

What changed from the previous version?

  • WooCommerce settings are visible only if the WooCommerce plugin is installed
  • New default settings for new plugin installations (no impact for existing installations)
  • You must provide Unikname Connect site id and secret to be able to enable Unikname Connect
  • Polished and renamed actions
  • Reorganization of the “Unikname => General” and “Unikname => Login” panels

Want more details? Let’s dive in!

:passport_control: Role restrictions on password login

You have more control on how people connect to your website. Need increased security for administrator accounts ? Don’t want to handle customer password information ? As an administrator, prevent users from using their password to log in to their account per WP role. Choose the settings that work for you.

:woman_technologist: No login/password inputs on login screen

When the option to “prevent all users from using their password” is enabled, login/password inputs are not shown on the Wordpress login page. If we don’t need them, don’t show them !

To activate that option, go to your security Tab.

Increased documentation accessibility

Find more links to the plugin and Unikname Connect documentation to help the set up process. Help is never too far away !

Much :heart: to our partners

Wanna see Unikname Connect for WordPress in action?
Go to the WordPress website of our partner Cryptomaniac!


How to update?

You can download the latest release of WP-UNC or visit Dashboard → Updates to update the plugin from your WordPress admin screen.

What do I have to do if want I Unikname Connect on my WordPress / WooCommerce website?

:star2: You can join our community right now! :star2:
:point_right: Just follow the Integrating Unikname Connect with WordPress and WooCommerce documentation!