UNS CLI 2.2.0 release

What’s new in UNS CLI 2.2.0

Compatibility with the new SANDBOX network

This CLI is compatible with the first version of uns.network deployed on the new SANDBOX network. It replaced the legacy DEVNET network, which will be shut down in a few days.

You can select the network with the --network flag or the UNS_NETWORK environment variable.

$ uns status --network=sandbox 
  "height": 57621,
  "network": "sandbox",
  "totalTokenSupply": 21115242,
  "tokenSymbol": "SUNS",
  "NFTs": [
      "nftName": "UNIK",
      "individual": "39",
      "organization": "34",
      "network": "44"
  "activeDelegates": 23,
  "lastBlockUrl": "https://sandbox.explorer.uns.network/block/57621"

uns.network CLI v2.2 and more cannot be used with DEVNET network.

New syntaxes

From now, we don’t speak about wallet, but about crypto-account. Indeed, a crypto-account on uns.network allows to create @uniknames and to authenticate with the Unikname Connect solution. It is more than a simple wallet.

CLI has a makeover

Commands are now grouped by scope and autocompletion for prefixes are provided.

$ uns --help
uns CLI

  @uns/cli/2.2.0 win32-x64 node-v10.8.0

  $ uns [COMMAND]

  autocomplete   display autocomplete installation instructions
  cryptoaccount  Manage Crypto Account (`uns cryptoaccount` to display Crypto Account commands)
  delegate       Manage UNS delegates (`uns delegate` to display Delegate commands)
  help           display help for uns
  properties     Manage UNIK properties (`uns properties` to display UNIK properties commands)
  resolve        Resolve a decentralized identifier.
  send           Send owned UNS protocol tokens to another wallet.
  status         Display blockchain status
  unik           Manage UNIK (`uns unik` to display UNIK commands)
  version        UNS CLI Version

To print all commands in the same scope, prefix just have to be entered with the --help flag.

$ uns cryptoaccount --help
Manage Crypto Account (`uns cryptoaccount` to display Crypto Account commands)

  $ uns cryptoaccount:COMMAND

  cryptoaccount:address                Get Crypto Account address
  cryptoaccount:create                 Create UNS Crypto Account
  cryptoaccount:read                   Read current data of a specified crypto account, ic. balance
  cryptoaccount:set-second-passphrase  Set Crypto Account second passphrase

Use your @unikname to become a delegate

You are able to register yourself as a delegate by using your @unikname. On the explorer, your activity as a network player will be linked to the explicit value you had disclosed before.

Other networks players can vote and unvote by only knowing your @unikname. Your address information is not required any more.

Resign command has been activated too.

Set a second passphrase on your crypto-account

With the CLI command cryptoaccount:set-second-passphrase you can associate a second passphrase to your crypto-accout. The passphrase will be printed on your shell and you have to save it. It will be required for all write transaction.

New concepts: Badges

Achieve some actions, like becoming a delegate, brings Badges to your @unikname properties. Getting new badges will provided you new options and give @unikname more visibility.

Bug fixes

  • Second passphrase are now available on any command creating new uns.network transactions (fix GH#35)

New installation binaries for Windows

Installation binaries are now provided for Windows users: a simple exe to install the CLI.
And upgrades will be as simple as uns update :slight_smile:


How to get this new version?

If you are on Windowsor installing for the first time, try the new installers!

On Linux or macOS, upgrade your existing UNS CLI thought NPM or YARN with the following commands:

$ npm remove -g @uns/uns-cli || npm remove -g @uns/cli || npm add -g @uns/cli 


$ yarn global remove @uns/uns-cli || yarn global remove @uns/cli || yarn global add @uns/uns-cli
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