UNS CLI 3.0.0 release

So, what’s new in UNS CLI 3.0.0?

New global format

All commands which manipulated unikids are now similar to delegates commands: unikid or @unikname are command’s argument and not flag anymore. You can use either one indifferently.

Impacted commands are:

  • all properties: commands
  • all delegate: commands
  • send
  • unik:is-disclosed
  • unik:disclose
  • unik:read

Important change for send

The mainly impacted command is the send command. From now this command needs two arguments: first, the amount to send, and secondly, the destination. Destination doesn’t accept the --to flag anymore. It can be a unikid, a @unikname or an address.

New command properties:set

Another evolution concerning properties:set : Keys and values are declared by two different flags instead of only one.


uns properties:set @bob -n sandbox --key {key1} --value {value1} --key {key2} --value {value2}

Runtime compatibility

The UNS CLI is now compatible with NodeJS 12 and requires it.
NodeJS 10 users should upgrade their installation.

How to install or upgrade UNS CLI 3.0.0?

Please, update or remove your previous installation of the CLI, then install it again
:point_right: https://docs.uns.network/uns-use-the-network/cli.html#download-and-installation


Hi Juliette,
I’ve just downloaded your CLI and I get the 3.1.0. Where can I find the release note about it ?

Hi @magnum, you can find them here UNS Core 5.1 on SANDBOX network
It’s a minor release, to be compatible with UNS 5.1+ series.

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