UNS CLI 4.0.0 release

Release Note :spiral_notepad:

The UNS CLI 4.0.0 release comes with major changes for two commands:

  • unik:create
  • delegate:vote


You can now create a @unikname into the CLI with a coupon you have thanks to a new argument add to unik:create command: --coupon {coupon}.


$ uns unik:create --explicitValue {explicitValue} --type [individual|organization|network] --coupon {coupon}


Now you can only vote if your @unikname is alive.
Today, a @unikname is considered alive if created with a coupon.

How to install or upgrade UNS CLI 4.0.0?

Please, update your CLI, or install it if you don’t have it:
:point_right: https://docs.uns.network/uns-use-the-network/cli.html#staying-up-to-date


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