UNS CLI 4.3.3 release

Release Note :scroll:

This release fixes a bug raised by the upgrade milestone of UNS Core 5.5.1 yesterday that prevented the creation of @uniknames using the CLI.

More information:


Trying to create a @unikname using CLI 4.3.2 and prior will result in the following error messages:

» :stop: Bad input format (Unexpected value for LifeCycle/Status property) (4002);
» :stop: Bad input format (Unexpected value for Badges/XPLevel property) (4002);

To fix this issue, please upgrade to CLI 4.3.3.

How to install or upgrade UNS CLI 4.3.3?

Please update your CLI, or install it is you don’t have it:
:point_right: https://docs.uns.network/uns-use-the-network/cli.html#staying-up-to-date

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