UNS Core 4.2 is live on SANDBOX network

UNS Core 4.2.x is live on SANDBOX

:loudspeaker: All delegates on SANDBOX network must update their nodes :boom:

See below for the operations.

What’s new?

Introducing SANDBOX network

This is the first version of uns.network deployed on the new SANDBOX network. It replaced the legacy DEVNET network, which will be shut down in a few days.

Ark 2.6 migration

uns.network Core has been totally rewritten with Ark 2.6, the last version of the Blockchain Framework provided by ArkEcosystem.

uns.network Core benefits from all improvements introduced in Ark v2.4, v2.5 and v2.6 series, mainly:

  • security: Schnorr’s Signature Scheme, Nonces (anti-replay attacks) …
  • protocol performances: Websockets, faster initial synchronization …
  • frameworks enhancements: to develop, build and deploy faster projects such as uns.network :innocent:

@unikname and UNIK Non Fungible Tokens everywhere

As @unikname and their minted-form in the blockchain named UNIK are now in the heart of uns.network Core, all transactions or commands can now be done with @unikname instead of crypto account addresses.

It will open to our users, delegates and community many new usages in the future :rocket:

New transactions

New transactions and API have been added to the Core to support new CLI and SDK features.

Docker improvements

The uns.network Docker image is now publicly available on Docker Hub.

The NodeJS process of uns.network Core is managed by Tini, in order to avoid crash issues.


The uns.network explorer has been upgraded to be compatible with uns.network 4.x series and is able to show and display many information about UNIK tokens (look at properties at the bottom of the page).

How to upgrade an uns.network node?

If you have installed your UNS node with Docker-Compose, login on your server, then

# Go to your installation folder, where you can find the docker-compose.yml file
$ docker-compose pull && docker-compose up --build -d

Your node will be updated, then restarted with the new version.

How to install an uns.network node or become an uns.network delegate?

Great news, follow the “becoming a uns.network” getting started :slight_smile:

How to upgrade your node running on legacy DEVNET network?

You can look at this FAQ about migration from DEVNET to SANDBOX network.

Do this migration as soon as possible, as DEVNET network will be shut down in a few days.

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