UNS Core 5.0.2 on SANDBOX network

Why? :thinking:

We have decided to advance the already scheduled upgrade of UNS core with ARK’s 2.6.31 version. This upgrade will allow a better stability of the network.

Release notes :spiral_notepad:

uns.network Core has been upgraded to the latest Ark 2.6.31 series, the last version of the Blockchain Framework provided by ArkEcosystem.

uns.network Core benefits from all improvements introduced in Ark v2.6.31, mainly:

  • Better communication between nodes
  • Improvement of fork detection and node recovery
  • Better global stability

If you want to read more on changes here is the ARK changelog.

How to upgrade your node to the latest version? :arrow_double_up:

If you are a @network_player, you will have to upgrade your node. To do it, just go to your installation folder, where you have the docker-compose.yml file.
Then, launch these commands:

$ docker-compose pull
$ docker-compose up -d

After few minutes, you should be back forging and winning SUNS! :rocket:

You don’t need to launch the docker-compose down -v command!

I’m not a delegate and I don’t have a node… What can I do? :cry:

No worries, you can join our delegates right now!
Just follow the Becoming a uns.network Player documentation to become one of us! :smile:


Hi folks, may be a good deal to archive old release notes :wink:
anyhow great job

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Indeed, good idea. Thank you!

What do you mean by archiving? Removing? Hidding?
What would be the right configuration for you for these release notes?

EDIT: old topics are now archived.

Thank you