UNS Core 5.1 on SANDBOX network

New UPDATE : UNS Core 5.1 :rocket:

The new version 5.1 of UNS Core is now live!
This update is major for us since it introduces some major features and it introduces the upcoming LIVENET! :smiley:

:spiral_notepad: Release Note

Delegate’s votes

This version introduces a new feature for voting. Indeed, from now on, it will only be possible to vote for members of one’s own college.

What does this mean? It means that individual @unikname will vote for individuals and organization @unikname will vote for organizations.

Therefore, it becomes important to choose carefully the type of @unikname you choose when creating it! If you are not a company, you should take an individual @unikname so that you can request votes from the community.

This update is only available with the new CLI 3.1.0.

Upcoming LIVENET

In addition, this update is an opportunity to prepare ourselves for the launch of the LIVENET which is approaching! Currently, the date is set for May 4th.

The release of the LIVENET means the culmination of months of work on the part of the whole team… but also on your part! We can never thank you enough for having accompanied us to such an important step.

We are really happy to be able to announce this LIVENET, and we hope to see you all there as delegates, with, this time, real UNS to be won!

:chains: Blockchain reset

With this release, we need to start from scratch. We’ll start again from block 0 ( genesis) and then restart the network.

This will result in the loss of all existing @unikname. Yes, you will be asked to redo this step.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any other solution. The SANDBOX is a test network and operations of this kind are possible when the need arises.

Nevertheless, all will not be lost! Indeed, the crypto-accounts will be preserved in spite of the reset! Your public/private keys and passphrases will always be correct. We will, during the week, list all active wallets to automatically distribute UNS tokens to them when 5.1.0 is launched.

This way, you will be able to directly recreate your @unikname via the CLI! Without needing to claim UNS tokens. To be more precise, we will send to every crypto account the amount required to create an @unikname of at least 5 characters.

The opportunity to change your name if you don’t like the old one? :slight_smile:

:interrobang: What do I have to do if I’m @network_player?

I’m a delegate… What can I do? :smiley:

You can restart your node from tomorrow, Wednesday 16th at 8:00 UTC (10:00 Paris).
Launch these commands:

$ docker-compose down -v
$ docker-compose pull
$ docker-compose up -d

I’m not a delegate and I don’t have a node… What can I do? :cry:

No worry, you can join our delegates right now!
Just follow the Becoming a uns.network Player documentation to become one of us! :smile:

Other products updates

UNS CLI 3.1.0

With the voting changes, the CLI will also be updated. Nothing major for the user in terms of orders, it’s mainly to make the new features compatible.

My Unikname app BETA

The mobile application allowing you to identify yourself and manage your @unikname is about to arrive in BETA!

Of course, you will be notified of its release, and we hope that many of you will come and try it out and give us your feedback.


It’s done.
Could you make announcement a lit bit earlier?
Could you send an email to delegates? I didn’t receive any notification for this release.

On Livenet, that could be a disaster if we are not ready early enough.

Thank you


Upgraded successfully :slight_smile:

What does this mean? It means that individual @unikname will vote for individuals and organization @unikname will vote for organizations.

I tried to vote for an org from an individual UNIK and could proceed ? Is it implemented yet ?

See https://sandbox.explorer.uns.network/transaction/39ce678b9816fc19e661ca30dc346525741baf072fa2e29dbb122bae439e35ff

@mrfreez we are investigating on why you didn’t receive notifications with this post. Anyway, the communication for the LIVENET will be released sooner!

@rigwild You used the CLI 3.0.0 I guess and not the latest (3.1.0).
In the old CLI, we didn’t implement the new vote. These old votes will be rejected after block 398906. We keep them for test only.

You must devote the organization you vote for, and vote again with your new CLI.
For the LIVENET, you would only be able to use the right CLI with the new vote system! :slight_smile:

You WILL only be able to use the right vote system. :grinning:

Is it implemented on the node’s core as a milestone ?

@rigwild yes, it’s a milestone. :slight_smile:

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Hi !
I’ve juste updated my node and I got some errors after starting up :

uns-sandbox | [2020-04-17 12:02:03.400] DEBUG: event 'PROCESSFINISHED': "newBlock" -> "idle" -> actions: [checkLater, blockchainReady]
uns-sandbox | [2020-04-17 12:02:05.924] ERROR: Couldn't find any common blocks.
uns-sandbox | [2020-04-17 12:02:05.943] INFO : has downloaded 23 blocks from height 2
uns-sandbox | [2020-04-17 12:02:06.409] ERROR: Couldn't find any common blocks.
uns-sandbox | [2020-04-17 12:02:07.485] INFO : has downloaded 23 blocks from height 2
uns-sandbox | [2020-04-17 12:02:07.837] DEBUG: Throttling outgoing requests to to avoid triggering their rate limit
uns-sandbox | [2020-04-17 12:02:07.840] ERROR: Couldn't find any common blocks.```


I see you forging on the network. Sometimes you can have errors on your node, no worries. Now, we have some rules implemented to allow the node to recovery from himself. :slight_smile:

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Hi guys!

I’ve got an error disclosing my unikname using cli v3.1
uns unik:disclose --unikid bb2f9e877efcbf647b10e94a77df88f680995774382206e7e02c3df94e98fd14 -e bcdiploma --network sandbox


» :stop: Command fail because of unexpected value for at least one parameter (bb2f9e877efcbf647b10e94a77df88f680995774382206e7e02c3df94e98fd14). Please check your parameters.;

Certainly a PEBCAK but I need your help anyway :smiley:

Got it, I’ve been tricked by this assertion:
Use this command to disclose your @unikname : uns unik:disclose --unikid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -e Bob . You should have the following result.

whose syntax is different from that used elsewhere in the documentation, eg:
Use this command to register as a delegate : uns delegate:register {unikid} . You should have the following result.


I feel like I’ve had the problem before but couldn’t remember how to solve it. :sweat_smile:

Hi @Vince, the documentation will be updated and we will avoid “unsynchronized” documentation :wink:

For the next time, if you need support, please use #uns-network:support section of this forum.

Thank you

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