UNS Core 5.3 on LIVENET network

New UPDATE: UNS Core 5.3

:spiral_notepad: Release Note

This version does not bring any major changes, nor any big new features visible to you.
The reason for this 5.3 was mainly internal functions that are used to deploy new functionalities on the other products of the ecosystem:

Here are the changes:

  • Changes in uns.network API to see more details about UNS creation in each block
  • Improvement of the general performance and the network stability

Unlike the 5.2 version that was important with some huge features, this one has a minor impact. For this reason, 5.2 nodes are compatible with UNS Core 5.3.

:interrobang: What do I have to do if I’m @network_player on LIVENET?

You can update your node to this last version. As it’s an optional update, you are free to do it when you want.

 $ sudo docker-compose pull && sudo docker-compose up -d --remove-orphans

:interrobang: What do I have to do if I want to become a @network_player?

No worry, you can join our delegates right now!
Just follow the Becoming a uns.network Player documentation to become one of us! :smile:


Hi @network_player, if you’ve configured automatic update, you are already up-to-date :slight_smile:

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