UNS Core 5.5.2 on LIVENET and SANDBOX networks

UNS 5.5.2 has been published for LIVENET and SANDBOX.

This update fixes a performance issue with the /blocks API (the most important, but in fact, the issue is fixed for all APIs :wink:)

:interrobang: What should I do if I’m @network_player on LIVENET?

UNS.network delegates on LIVENET, please update :muscle:

You can already use this command on your UNS node:

 $ sudo docker-compose pull && sudo docker-compose up -d --remove-orphans

:interrobang: What should I do if I’m @network_player on SANDBOX?

Just update as for #livenet above :wink:

:interrobang: What should I do if I want to become a @network_player?

No worry, you can join our delegates right now!
Just follow the Becoming a uns.network Player documentation to become one of us!


Upgraded flawlessly :slight_smile:

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I just upgraded. I think. It should… The docker label is still ‘5.5.1’… But if I inspect universalnamesystem/core:livenet image used for my container, the label should be 5.5.2. So, I think labels are not overrided when upgrading. Maybe you should override it at start, not at image build.

The Docker tag should be livenet and not 5.5.1.
Check you got the correct images (these are the from latest update):

$ docker images --digests
REPOSITORY                 TAG         DIGEST                                                                    IMAGE ID       CREATED       SIZE
universalnamesystem/core   livenet     sha256:23f995af5207137618c53888c51a52bdb6e8695d4048003b778d6b92b71f3b17   3f4de23b97d9   3 days ago    577MB
postgres                   11-alpine   sha256:3eb0c6007169d2b8bc83ff154f81600869293ee403d9ffbdfbd543074f941d5d   24747a501d54   12 days ago   156MB

EDIT: My bad, I did not understand the problem at first. This comment is not relevant to your issue :thinking:

livenet, sandbox and 5.5.2 have the same hash: they are the same!

I don’t understand why, but the hash for the last image I pulled is sha256:3f4de23b97d9ca269581960ab4eb7a93484ce3383adb6643fa7f714ea12a5886, which is different from dockerhub hash for livenet tag sha256:23f995af5207137618c53888c51a52bdb6e8695d4048003b778d6b92b71f3b17

I just checked and i see that labels are updated correctly!
Can you retry the update command ?
this should be done in the same directory of your “docker-compose.yml” file.

sudo docker-compose pull && sudo docker-compose up -d --remove-orphans

you can check your running containers with:

sudo docker ps -a

also check your local images with:

sudo docker images

assert that “universalnamesystem/core” has tag “livenet” with hash 3f4de23b97d9

universalnamesystem/core   livenet             3f4de23b97d9

Can you check your “docker-compose.yml” file and check that image requested is the livenet tag?

image: universalnamesystem/core:livenet

I’ve got 2 images, that seems to be the problem.

Cleaned them and now it’s okay !

Thanks !

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The untagged one is probably an old version of the node. You clear dangling (without tags) images using:

docker rmi $(docker images -a --filter=dangling=true -q)

or more simple:

docker image prune -a
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My node is upgraded :+1:

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