UNS Core 5.5.x on LIVENET

After a strong testing campaign on the SANDBOX network, UNS 5.5.1 is ready to be deployed on the LIVENET network!

What’s new in UNS v5.5 on UNS.network blockchain

:money_with_wings: Improved token economy / tokenomics

UNS token economy used to create new UNS tokens on the network for each UNIK NFT minted on the network, as soon as they were accepted by it. Thus, the total supply of the network used to increase each time someone has acquired a @unikname on the My Unikname application.
We wanted to correlate the success of the network with the total supply.

After the creation of more than hundreds of @unikname on the Livenet network, we want to update this rule: After UNS 5.5 milestone, UNS tokens creation will be deferred when a UNIK goes from the Mint state to the Alive state.

In other words, getting new @unikname on the network won’t create any new UNS tokens anymore.
UNS tokens creation will be done when the @unikname will be activated: the user will need to connect on our future dashboard to activate it!

:rocket: This dashboard will be launched in the coming days at https://unikname.id

After activation, the @unikname and its UNIK NFT will change its state from Mint to Alive.

We have also abandoned the idea of updating the values of transaction fees, which has become unnecessary. So these token economy improvements have no impact on network delegates rewards.

:thinking: Why are we changing that?

For a long time, we have wanted to link the lifecycle of a UNIK NFT to the Unikname Connect solution. But it wasn’t ready enough. But now it is :muscle:.

For the same reasons we have disabled email/password login/sign-ups on this forum, Unikname Connect solution is now stable enough so we can combine it into the heart of UNS token economy.

It will also prevent spamming of the UNS blockchain, as UNS token creation will require a lot more manual user’s efforts.

A detailed post about this improved token eco/tokenomics will be published in the coming days, ahead of the v5.5 application milestone.

As a use case, you can already read what can be done with the new tokenomics:

:u7533: UNS CLI v4.3, UNS Explorer and My Unikname application

They have been updated to reflect UNS Core enhancements.

UNS CLI <= 4.3 installations must be updated, as their transactions fees aren’t set up as expected by UNS Core 5.5.
If you have an existing installation, please update!

:bulb: UNS Core Docker version

Regularly asked on the forum, you can now get the version of the Docker container with a “simple” docker command:

$ docker image inspect --format="{{ index .Config.Labels \"org.label-schema.version\"}}" universalnamesystem/core:livenet

Check the UNS documentation for the details:

:ledger: What’s next for UNS 5.6?

Previously planned features for UNS 5.5 will be postponed to UNS 5.6.

In this version of the network, a major change will take place. Indeed, the consensus will be updated to cap the relative weight of users votes given to @network_player.
It will have consequences on the network, as the more Unikname users there will be in the UNS network (and so UNIK tokens), the more @network_player will receive votes!

My Unikname application will receive an update to allow all users to vote for you, @network_player :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:interrobang: What should I do if I’m @network_player on LIVENET?

UNS v5.5.1 will be enforced by a milestone on LIVENET on block 2,171,350 (~ 2020-11-19T11:00:00Z )

UNS.network delegates on LIVENET, please update :muscle:

You can already use this command on your UNS node:

 $ sudo docker-compose pull && sudo docker-compose up -d --remove-orphans

:interrobang: What should I do if I want to become a @network_player?

No worry, you can join our delegates right now!
Just follow the Becoming a uns.network Player documentation to become one of us!


livenet and relay nodes updated !

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Done too!

I need to think about the impact of the future feature “relative weights of votes” on the raking of delegates :thinking:


:rotating_light: :warning: :rotating_light: :warning: :rotating_light: :warning: :rotating_light: :warning: :rotating_light: :warning:
@network_player 1/3 of UNS nodes are still running UNS 5.4.
There are only 3 days left before the next milestone.

Non-upgraded nodes will be kicked off the network next Thursday!
:rotating_light: :warning: :rotating_light: :warning: :rotating_light: :warning: :rotating_light: :warning: :rotating_light: :warning:

Done, new label o know current version is really usefull when using portainer.

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Done !
uns-livenet | [2020-11-16 19:38:02.567] DEBUG: uns-core 5.5.1

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Done on both nodes

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Milestone reached!
Two delegates haven’t forged since


@Cryptosecure_node is back :clap:

What about @Cryptodidacte?