$UNS tokens offered to the Unikname community (Airdrop)

As announced on our @uns_network twitter account at the end of September, we’re airdropping $UNS tokens to thanks our very early community.

Since then we’re reaching 4000 Uniknames created. :fire:

Everyone who has taken a @unikname ID until end of october is receiving 50 UNS. These UNS are directly sent to the cryptoaccount associated to your @unikname ID. :parachute:

You can check the Airdrop on the blockchain explorer (you may scroll to nov 14th at 10:45 PM)


All you’ve to do is to

  1. open your Unikname App on you smartphone
  2. update it with the last version
  3. and check your UNS balance

Update the last version of Unikname APP (very very easy)

Go to Settings/About and click on the check update button.

The update is carried out in the background, so you can go back to the home screen. You may think that nothing appears, but few seconds after, the App is asking you to re-confirm your PIN CODE.

Then the update is done!

Checking your UNS balance

Go to the @unikname menu, click on your name, and click on the UNS Balance.

You can see the last transactions and the Airdrop

More marketing operations related to the network are coming, stay tuned :wink:


well received :sunglasses:

well received too :sunglasses:

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