UNS Usefull links

UNS blockchain explorer

The chain explorer allows you to look for a specific transaction or a specific decentralized identifier, to discover all network players involved in securing the network, the Delegates who are forging transactions into the chain forever.

UNS Network Player Hub

This is where you need to go to find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with the UNS blockchain as quickly as possible.

UNS source code

Universal-Name-System blockchain is an open source project, part of the overall Unikname project and github organization. Repositories will become public on the go. Our original whitepaper is there.

UNS network website

UNS.network starts here! Discover use-cases of UNS.network blockchain and become a network delegate!

Unikname Forum

Here you’re. This forum is dedicated to discuss about the universal-name-system blockchain itself but also to discuss about DAPP and Unikname solutions for which the UNS blockchain have been design at the origin.

Unikname website

To know more about Unikname solutions based on the UNS blockchain.


You may find usefull ressources also on the ARK blockhain website. Unikname and it’s blockchain, Universal-Name-System, are Powered by ARK.io. We use it, wecontribute, we collaborate and we’re prood to have choosen this technology to implement our blockchain.


Hello. Explorer link is broken. It’s explorer.uns.network :wink:

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