Update users registry with APIs

This post provides a specific answer to the list of questions posted in General questions about the project by @louneskmt, about the original whitepaper released in Sept 2018.

We have plan to provide access to setup or update users registry with APIs with a public API key. This could be usefull to update public crypto-adresses for HDW (Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet) but also in many other cases. For example a telecom operator has requested this to update SIMs data in the @unikname’s registry of their clients. In any cases, any update of the @unikname registry requires @unikname’s owner permission.

Can you briefly explain me that? For example, if I have a Ledger wallet (with a xPub key), how will it be possible to setup a label associated with my @unik-name which resolve a different address each time ?

I know Bittr use that : at my registration, it asked me to enter my Ledger’s xPub key, so they can send the amount of bitcoin I bought to a different address each time (see here).


@laurent May I bring back your attention to this topic ? :grin:

Hi @louneskmt,

the uns API must be call directly from your favorite wallet. That means this use case requires an integration of the uns.network sdk within the wallet app that generate the keys.

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