Using the Windows CLI is better with console2

When you run the UNS Command Line Interface (CLI) under windows, you probably use the default cmd.exe terminal. This is quite common, unfortunately the default codepage used is the 850 (latin) and this cause troubles to render UTF8 chars stored in the UNS blockchain.

Even if you’ve updated your Windows 10 version to the build 1809, the windows console is now able to handle more characters but not the full UTF-8 charset. This is well explained by Rich Turner from Microsoft.

We recommend to use the Console2 windows terminal alternate.

The full UTF-8 charset is not supported yet but it’s far more better. In addition Console2 provides significant improvements and more user-friendly commands.

You’re welcome to share your experience

Hello, you could try the new Windows Terminal:

It’s a work in progress, but very promising for Windows users.