Using Unikname to help fight the COVID

As long as there is no vaccine there is no good end of containment solution without the risk of a significant resurgence of the COVID virus. Herd immunity still seems far from being achieved. And Herd immunity even does not seem an option. Governments, health organizations, but also populations, wonder whether digital technology and especially mobile apps on smartphones can help limit this risk and win the war against this invisible enemy. Several initiatives have already been initiated around the world, such as the South Korean app or even Google and Apple who have joined forces to develop a protocol using bluetooth technology on almost all smartphones.

The chain of virus transmission between individuals is at the heart of the human and digital subject, with some geopolitical issues at stake such as saving individual freedoms (see Tristan Nitot blog post), or defending the Europe’s digital independence facing US & GAFAM hegemony, or even to enhance the coat of arms of national sovereignty.

The subject is about the mapping of social proximity, realization of massive diagnostic tests, and privacy.

Unikname was designed to ensure the absolute confidentiality and anonymity of users who log in to millions of websites daily, and who can share some of their private data under their sole and exclusive control. So, facing the emergency of the situation, our thoughts led us to imagine a way to use Unikname to help fight the COVID.

We’ve designed a protocol to extend the current blockchain one, and some new features of the Unikname App, to allow each individual to have their own individual authenticated virus test results, and to share them publicly in a fully anonymized way, to benefit the entire population.

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