Vote is locked after network upgrade

Wanted to unvote a delegate to vote for another one on the Sandbox network. The recent node update blocked voting for other UNIK that are of a different type, hence, my vote is locked :sweat_smile:
Shouldn’t the unvote feature be available for any UNIK types?

$ npx uns delegate:unvote "@organization:Space-Elephant"
Enter your crypto account passphrase (12 words phrase): **************************************************************************
You have associated a second passphrase to your crypto account. This second passphrase is needed to validate this transaction.
Please, enter it (12 words phrase): *****************************************************************************
» :stop: Transaction not accepted. Caused by: {"a398fd769f1d547e268ee66acc56a6a62b601480a8a6451ec51605f00033027b":[{"type":"ERR_APPLY","message":"Failed to apply vote transaction a398fd769f1d
547e268ee66acc56a6a62b601480a8a6451ec51605f00033027b: voter UNIK type must be the same as delegate UNIK type"}]};

Hi @rigwild!
This case is specific to the Sandbox network, and cannot occur on the livenet. So we haven’t planned to do specific development to allow unvote on all types.
A workaround of the problem: create an @unikname on another cryptoaccount and transfer the UNS of the first to it. You will be able to vote for whoever you want.

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No problem, that’s what the sandbox is for :sweat_smile:

I also noticed that we can’t vote for genesis delegates nodes, which would have been nice for the sandbox network.
Some of the current delegates on the network are inactive and they take the limited available delegate slots, but we can’t make genesis nodes start to forge (get up in the votes count ranking) as we can’t vote for them.
If we could vote for genesis nodes, it would make the sandbox network faster and more reliable (more forgers) until it get more users who run forger nodes on sandbox.

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