Waiting list for my.unikname App BETA

Hello everyone,
many of you are asking to use my.unikname app to be able to sign in on this forum and to test the authentication solution.

Have a look on a snapshot


my.unikname App is in his testing phase and will be release soon for BETA tester. So if you want to be the first of using it and testing it, just like this post and keep in touch, ensure your notifications are on : image.

So in the meantime you need to sign-up to this forum with traditionnal email & password credentials

==> Like this post to get in :arrow_heading_down:


Super beta app! So easy to create a unikname :yum:
Are there any plans to create an Android / IOS application?


Thank you for your comment @qsvtr. We’ve a plan for an android and IOS application, but we’ve made the choice to provide a PWA which is frictionless and it tend to be the new standard. (no dependencies with a store)


don’t forget to backup your @unikname, now we’re live you’re the only one to have the sole control of it :wink:


Enjoy and have fun: no more password to rememeber, surf safe without comprimise on your privacy :rocket:

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I’ve an issue with the app on an Xperia E5 F3311, the software buttons (back, home, multitask) overlaps the 0 key of the unikname pin code keypad.

OK cool! great job :wink:

Hi, did not get the info to test the app :confused: I’m not in the network players group on the forum :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

another question, is the application is or will be open source?

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Hi @qsvtr es the code of the application will be published.

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oups! @Florian could you help please

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Hi! Sorry for this, I send you a message! :slight_smile:

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We will soon send the links to test the application! First, we’re going to prioritize the tests on Android, so we’re launching a poll to know who would be concerned. Feel free to vote, and if you haven’t done so yet, to register for the BETA (by putting a like on the first post).

  • Android
  • iOS

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