Welcome to delegates of type organization

Please find here under a snapshot of registered delegates of type organization by Oct 10th 2020.

We’re going to communicate the voting process to Unikname Connect stakeholders. In other words, every business installing Unikname Connect on their website will have to vote for a delegate.

So, every delegates are welcome to introduce themselves to the community, at least in few words :wink: .


Really interesting! Where can we find more about the voting system, current doc is quite poor about that.

Is there an area where personal delegates can also introduce themselves and share their profession of faith.

I’m ready to develop such dedicated page for delegates. @network_player let me know if you’re interested

I’m interested. I would like tools to show more the activities of the delegates and their node availability.

It’s coming :slight_smile:
We are moving gradually from a “document what has been done” to a “document what will be done” communication.

We are thinking about a such feature. What would you like to do?

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