What is the price of the $UNIK token?

Hi every UniknameID owner.

Some of you need some $UNIK utility tokens to buy a PREMIUM UniknameID or to access some Self-Soverign ID services already available.

But today there’s no way to buy $UNIK.

As you may know the team is preparing for an IDO that will take place before the end of the year.

The initial price for the public sale has been fixed at $0.025 for 1 $UNIK

But in the meantime, before the public token sale and before the quotation on a DEx, how do you do?

Well, we’re offering an opportunity to Early UniknameID owners to participate to a limited offer before the quotation of the token to get some $UNIK tokens. :fire:

The selling price will be the same $0.025 for 1 $UNIK and you will get awesome bonus :gift: to thank you for having supported the project since many weeks or months.



Thank you for the information!

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Great opportunity for $UNIK fans :fire:

What kind of bonus to offer?

  • 2% more UNIK on each order containing a package for people having an trophee badge.
  • 1000 UNIK tokens for the first order of any Package for people supporting a delegate
  • Gold Member Badge.for every order

The we’ve offering 3 packages at a discount price. All details here ==>

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