Where can I find the SSID and the wallet address of my @unikname?

Didn’t you ever wonder what the public key to your username was? Where to see it into the App?

In my last version, build release 2020 09 30 at 17:23 (you can see this in /setting/about in your app) this is not possible into the app yet ! But I can show you how to get it and what the team plan to do (Yes, I’m a delegate very close to the team) :slight_smile:

First of all, some clarifications about terms.

My @unikname is @mayflower and as we can see in my app. I own +9803 UNS tokens, I’ve 2 badges “Delegate” and “Second passphrase”.

Your @unikname is the human-readable version of your SSID (Self Sovereign ID) which is recorded into the uns.network blockchain. This SSID is a public ID.

It’s strongly linked with a cryptoaccount (a wallet combining a set of public and private cryptographic keys).

Within the app you can easily find your main passphrase of your @unikname’s cryptoaccount. In the App we’ve named this main passphrase your “recovery key”.

Go to your @unikname menu and choose /backup recovery key

Ok, now to go further we need to leave the App and to go the explorer of the chain.

Comme back to the home of your App, choose Visit the uns.network explorer, and in the search bar enter your @unikname, beginning with the @ symbol. Then you can see the SSID of your @unikname.

NOTA: @mayflower is disclosed in the chain, which is not the default case for everyone. So if you do it with your own @unikname you will only see the SSID number.

Now if you click on /owner then you can get the public address and the public key of your crypto account !

So now what’s coming up ?!

Here you can see what the team is working on :wink:


The metadata entry will provide all informations about your @unikname, its public ID, its cryptoaccount keys, creation date and so on :wink:

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