Why activate your @unikname?

When you create a @unikname in the My Unikname application, it is “poor and without rights” ™ :wink:

This is not a fatality, nor a disease and, good news, something can be done by activating your @unikname!

Why activate your @unikname?

What you can do with a @unikname you just created is limited:

  • admire it (especially if it’s short) :heart_eyes:
  • connect to some of your favourite sites

And your @unikname has a limited life expectancy! :scream:

By activating your @unikname in your My Unikname application, it has many more rights!
You will be able to :

  • Add public properties (and soon secret ones)
  • Connect to your favourite sites in an unlimited way!
  • Be rewarded when you connect to your favourite sites
  • Support your favourite delegate who secures the UNS.network blockchain
  • :100: Extend the life of your @unikname!

So, convinced?

How to activate a @unikname?

It’s simple, use the function of the application My Unikname to activate @unikname!

Check the status of each of your @unikname directly on the listing or on that @unikname’s page (see right below).

If you have a Minted @unikname, activate it with the following screens :

To activate a @unikname, three conditions need to be met:

  • The @unikname must have been created at least 23 blocks ago,
  • The passphrase of the crypto-account must have been backed-up,
  • The @unikname must have been used to log on to a website at least once.

If you’ve done all three, you are good to go. The lifecycle status of your @unikname will change from Minted to Live :muscle:

Now it’s up to you to try :point_down:


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