Why and how activate your UniknameID?

When you create a UniknameID in the My Unikname application, it is “poor and without rights” ™ :wink:

This is not a fatality, nor a disease and, good news, something can be done by activating your UniknameID!

Why activate your UniknameID?

What you can do with a UniknameID you just created is limited:

  • admire it (especially if it’s short) :heart_eyes:
  • connect to some of your favourite sites

And your UniknameID has a limited life expectancy! :scream:

By activating your UniknameID in your My Unikname application, it has many more rights!
You will be able to :

  • Add public properties (and soon secret ones)
  • Connect to your favourite sites in an unlimited way!
  • Be rewarded when you connect to your favourite sites
  • Support your favourite delegate who secures the UNS.network blockchain
  • :100: Extend the life of your UniknameID!

So, convinced?

How to activate a UniknameID?

It’s simple, use the function of the application My Unikname to activate UniknameID!

Check the status of each of your UniknameID directly on the listing or on that UniknameID’s page (see right below).

If you have a Minted UniknameID, activate it with the following screens :

To activate a UniknameID, three conditions need to be met:

  • The UniknameID must have been created at least 23 blocks ago,
  • The passphrase of the crypto-account must have been backed-up,
  • The UniknameID must have been used to log on to a website at least once.

If you’ve done all three, you are good to go. The lifecycle status of your UniknameID will change from Minted to Live :muscle:

Now it’s up to you to try :point_down:


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